Saying Goodbye to 2013


This year has been an incredible year for the Swidlers.  I don’t think I want it to end.   As I think back over this year, I realize how blessed I am.

The first half of the year was occupied by wedding planning.  What can be bad?  It was hectic, busy and thrilling.  We were running around, making decisions, trying on dresses, planning the shower and the wedding.  The big day came and it was perfect.  The weekend was perfect.  Swidler-Longhini 100

But even before the wedding, our youngest, Craig, graduated from Emory University.  After twenty-five years of tuitions, we were done! We laughed, we cried, we danced at that graduation.  My husband and I raised three incredible children.  They are all well-rounded and contributing to society.  I am not sure exactly how we did that, but it worked out.  And most of all, we got a raise, no more tuition.

So, we went to graduation, had a wedding, and then my oldest daughter ran the NYC marathon.  It was something she wanted to do for years.  In 2012 she was ready to run, but Hurricane Sandy squashed that opportunity.744343-1370-0026s

In November Sandy had a significant birthday.  In December I passed my tests to receive a Real Estate License.  Phew!

As I think back, there were numerous weddings, babies, and good things for many of my friends and family. I am exhausted thinking about everything that went on around us. photo 2

On all of the award shows, they have the memorial slides.  Yes, there were some very sad passings this years as well.  My heart goes out to those that lost loved ones.  But overall, it was a good year.  Now the challenge is to keep the blessings coming in 2014 and keep reaching for new opportunities.

So let me close by wishing everyone a fabulous new year, filled with only good things.


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